We are an interdisciplinary team, founded and lead by Dr. Uroš Platiše and Tomaž Kanalec, dedicated to research and development of mixed signal analogue/digital designs, high performance real-time DSP firmware, communication interfaces as well as host device-driver support.

Focused in high-current sensors and patented Platiše Flus Sensor, precision data-acquisition systems, real-time control systems, sensor communication protocols and networks. Our business includes research projects and industrial product development as our services.

We also develop and upgrade open-source design & development tools, which are freely available for download. Includes Isotel version of ngspice, which adds mixed domain simulation of verilog/VHDL with firmware algorithms written in asm/C/C++, and diagnotsic tools for rapid firmware development and testing.

Our headquarter is located in Slovenia, ISOTELpower d.o.o., Gabrsko 12, 1420 Trbovlje.

Product Support

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Open-Source Code/Library Development

Use the github pages to file an issue or feature request.

Our Customers

Deweosft Infineon Danfoss Iskratel Gorenje SiEva KIT IJS S2P Visionect Cosylab NuttX Kolektor Indata