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ISOTEL DC-CT® Current Sensors based on Platiše Flux Sensor

Dewesoft Sirius XHS


The Smallest Accurate 1000 DC Current Transducer for use in Test and Measurement. Features a typical DSUB interface and 22 mm opening delivering 500 kHz of 10 mdB flat bandwidth, 100 ppm linearity, 5 ppm/K drift, and total offset including hysteresis is below 100 ppm FS. Low ½ W of standby consumption at ±15 V.


Sirius XHS PWR

Sirius XHS PWR

SIRIUS® XHS-PWR is a unique 2-channel data acquisition device designed for the direct measurement of current, high voltage, and power. It features HybridADC signal conditioning technology and embedds ISOTEL patented DC-CT® Current Transducer, the smallest high-current sensor offering precise current measurements.

USB, Precision Temperature Sensors

USB, Precision Thermometer

Isotel Precision Thermometer

A High Performance Pocket USB-C Thermometer for Lab, Personal & Industrial everyday use, made out of safe and non-toxic materials, and standard serial SCPI interface.