MonoDAQ-U-X is a Universal 16-bit galvanically isolated USB DAQ Device specially designed for IoT development. It features a configurable front-end with 1..24 V @ 1 W supply, 50 kSa/s alias free voltage sampling in ranges from +/-100 mV to +/-10 V, strain-gauge, thermocouples, digital inputs, and one current input up to +/-500 mA. To extend a number of channels, MonoDAQ can easily scale and fully synchronize its operation via USB.

Isotel IDM software suite provides full and official cross-platform support for the MonoDAQ-U-X product besides the Dewesoft X3 Software Suite.

Key Features:

  • Linux, MAC & Windows Support, and Android App for Remote Control (via UDP)

  • Single and USB Synchronized Multi-MonoDAQ-UX operation

  • Multi-channel streaming up to 50 kSa/s with optional python post-processing

  • Complete python/jupyter support for easy customization, and integration with 3rd party systems

  • UDP Proxying to another IDM instance, Dewesoft X3 or Android App

  • UDP Forwarding to another IDM instance

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